Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Slang

If you are a person who uses the work "click" when what you mean is "clique" then you are a moron and I don't want to know you. Please see:

moron, unbelievable ,aw geez,creep.

The Quotable Click:

"I hate “clicks” and I hate groups of people who think that they are better and more knowledge then everyone else."
(Yeah,I hear ya. Except I disagree and am totally more knowledge than you.)

"Sorry but I hate clicks." Actually found in a blog written by advertising designers within a post called Why Advertising Sucks: A post from a friend No. 3: Excuse Me, I Don’t Speak Moron
(Come on, dude, don't sell yourself short. You do speak moron.)

Have fun with Google today. Can't you tell I just did?


hillary said...

Rappers get to be exceptions to this, right? I think "click" when used by them has a slightly different meaning from "clique," also, closer to "gang" or "crew."

G. Lamb said...

Oh, good God no. Rappers are the worst offenders in this category.
I find it pretty doubtful that any of them that use "click" are employing any subtle shifts in meaning.

Rhonda said...

Hey Gordon babe!
I do speak moron, that is how I understand everyone here in Savannah.
OK, see if you can keep up with me on this one. I do not believe I have wrote the word clique before.... well before that instance right before before.
So not writing the word I am not sure if what I said was "click" or "clique". Ummm things to ponder... Make any sense?