Friday, February 02, 2007

I Don't Get It

Being without cable television is not anything of which to be proud. It's actually horrible. I really want cable again. Still, even when I had cable there would be these shows on that were fabulously popular but whose popularity confuses me completely. American Idol, for one. But that seems obvious.
But what in the world is going on with shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef, etc. Has the culture gotten so soft that it prefers extreme cooking? I dunno.

Then there's stuff like CSI (which I'm going to have to start renting old season of because I need to know what this is [and I know that saying that makes me seem utterly out of touch]) and a whole slew of forensic/detective/crime investigation shows which were given rise based on the popularity of real-life stories shown on Court TV. Why does someone want to watch dramatized, Hollywood stories when real-life stories are so much more compelling and scary? True, tey tend to take place in locales such as Butte, Montana but I've never been to Montana so that's interesting to me.

I dunno. I like The OC. My favorite show, probably of all time is Beverly Hills, 90210.

I really need cable. Badly. At least then I'd know what I was talking about and wouldn't have to speculate.

Oh, I know, though, that I don't like those shows where people go to flea-markets and antique sales and then sell stuff. I don't like shows that show operating room procedures, either.
I really hate TV advertising but I don't mind infomercials. Especially since I'm going to make a fortune with The Internet Treasure Chest, lose my bothersome "love handles" and buy real estate with no money down. And from the convenience of my own home, too.

I will, however, be buying this as soon as it's available. Actually, that's probably my favorite show of all time. Not 90210. But I do miss the good 'ol days with Brenda, Kelly, Brandon, Nate, Steve, et al.


Anonymous said...

Hey. dude, do you remember that show "Hell's Kitchen", where people competed for the right to run a restaurant with some short-tempered foul-mouthed chef (Gordon Ramsey)? Yeah. Because that show RULED.

Robert L. Newsome

christa t said...

I haven't seen Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman before but it looks AMAZING.

G. Lamb said...

MH2 rules. It's probably definitely my favorite show ever.