Friday, February 16, 2007

1:45 AM on a Thursday night...

...and the tap drips drip drip drip drip drip.

Review Questions for test tomorrow. Feel free to take a stab:

1. What does Peirce mean by ‘Cartesianism’, why does he reject it, and what is his alternative?

2. What four methods of fixing belief does Peirce distinguish, and what are their relative strengths and weaknesses?

3. What is Peirce’s doubt/belief theory of inquiry?

4. What is Peirce’s rule for attaining the third grade of clearness? How does the ‘diamond example’ figure in the development and explanation of Peirce’s theory of meaning?

5. What is Peirces’ theory of the categories, and how does their derivation involve reference to the ‘phaneron’?

6. What is Peirce’s theory of signs, and how does it involve his theory of the categories?

7. What are the main divisions of Peirce’s classification of the sciences, and what is their importance for his philosophy?

8. What is Peirce’s theory of truth, and how is it related to his fallibilism? What are four serious errors whereby philosophers often block the way of inquiry?

9. What does Peirce mean by ‘nominalism’, and why does he reject it? What is his alternative?

10. What is Pragmaticism?

11. What is psychologilism concerning logical validity, and why does Peirce reject it? How does mental rehearsal differ from rational instinct? What is the importance of the distinction between A-reasonings and B-reasonings?

12. What is the distinction between abduction and induction, and what is the importance of each for the process of scientific discovery?

13. What Is Peirce’s architectonic approach to metaphysics? How does evolutionary theory influence Peirce’s metaphysics?

14. What is the doctrine of necessity, and what are Peirce’s eight reasons for rejecting it?

15. What is the law of mind, and how does it involve both synechism and tychism?


christa t said...

16. Why didn't P"ei"rce learn the "I before E except after C" rule in 5th grade?

Anonymous said...

It's pronounced like 'purse'.

Ryanetics said...

What, no answers?! You gave me 15 gripping questions with nary an answer in sight. Fuck you asshole.