Monday, December 18, 2006

Tag! I'm It.

Well, thanks to good 'ol Ryan I'm tagged in some Interweb thing where I tell you 6 "weird" things about myself.

1)I love the South but I hate the hot weather. And when I say 'Love' you best believe I mean 'Love' L-U-V.

2)I am pretty sure that American culture peaked aesthetically circa 1965.

3)I go on food kicks where I will eat the same type of food for weeks and then not eat that thing for months.

4)I am not that great of a boyfriend but I am the best ex-boyfriend a girl could want. Seriously. I'll clean your house, I'll mow your lawn. Women should be lined up around the block to break up with me.

5)I'm embarrassingly sentimental but I hate when people romanticize the past.

6)I finally burnt out completely on politics and have decided that everyone sucks.

I don't think, though, that any of this is 'weird'. But, you know, forest for the trees and all that.

Ok, so now who do I tag? How about the one person I don't think will do this at all? That's right: Christa.


Ryanetics said...

I agree with you on #2!!

christa t said...

Ok, I just found out Hillary tagged me on this thing too after going back to catch up on all the blogs I've missed while out of the country so give me a little TIME, bud.