Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two More Things That Suck a Whole Lot

1)Harry Potter and all his damn books. Secifically, though, FRIGGIN' ADULTS that read this crap. And I have known so many of them, too. Ridiculous.

2)ADULTS that fight with OTHER ADULTS over whether or not Harry Potter and his damn books are OK for kids. How any adult has time to even bother with this crap is beyond me.

Conclusion: if you are over the age of 21 and are involved in any way with this Harry potter crap then you have TOO MUCH time on your hands and need to go get another job or have some more kids.

(PS: I'm sick as hell and the bile is just pouring outta me. Figuratively speaking, of course.)


Ryanetics said...

Gordon have you lost your sense of wonder? I think someone needs to reconnect with his inner child.

Then again I spend all of my disposable income on comic books, video games and toys so maybe I am the one with the problem hahaha.

christa t said...

I concur that HP sucks. I wrote something similar in a blog a while ago and Hillary got MAD!

sauce said...

potter rules. fuck off.