Monday, November 06, 2006

OC Update

Among the things most thrilling about watching THE OC are:

-Kids in Newport Beach saying gangsta-type things like "That's how we do it Newport, yo!"
-Finding out that the cutie pie next door to the Cohens is into punk rock and Jack Kerouac.
-HOW UNBELIEVABLY convienient that Josh Cohen is, wouldn'y ya know, into these same things too!(This kid even has a Black Flag poster.)
-Realizing that kids in California still like to PARTY! DUDE!

Orange County used to be known for it's furious punk rock scene. Is this what it's known for now?

On another note, productive coughing rules!


christa t said...

Not all Jewish guys are called Josh. His name is Seth.

G. Lamb said...

I was high on NyQuil when I wrote that. For all I knew at that juncture in my watching his name could've been Moses.