Monday, November 06, 2006

How Sick Am I?

I caught something nasty this week. I know ti happened sometime Halloween night and I've been all flu-like since. But, how do I KNOW I am sick?
Because in a medicine induced haze I walked around the video store today and walked out with the first three DVDs of the first season of The OC.
How in the world did I ever think this would make me feel better. Might as well have gotten The Gilmore Girls or LOST or some such crap.


christa t said...

OH NO YOU DI'INT just diss GG.

please let this blog just be about your bouts of illness and all the shit on DVD you rent while convalescing.

sauce said...

Dude, Lost kicks ass, as well.

Ryanetics said...

Shit talk Lost again and you are getting cut!